Media That Made Life Worth Living in the 2010’s: A “Best Of” of “Best Of’s” of the Things That Mattered Most From the Last Decade: A Listicle

Many end of the decade lists like to focus on one particular topic: movies, books, television shows, etc., but for this list we’re opening up any and all media to help you wade through the fat and focus on the best things the past decade has given us.

Newspaper: The New York Times (2010-Present)-Truth be told, we’ve never actually read the paper, but man do we love a good crossword section. We haven’t done a crossword either, but we hear they’re hard. We do commend them on their sudokus though, even if we’re not quite sure what the rules are. A subscription is a must!

Podcast: “Keys with Keegan Michael Key: A Keyboard Podcast” (2013-Present)-There is a clear delineation mark in all of our lives, before and after we heard this podcast for the first time. In the early aughts no one would’ve told you that you needed a podcast about keyboards and their various designs as told to you by lovable comedian Keegan Michael Key, but they would be missing one important fact: he also talks about the colors they come in. Game changer.

Album: “Music is Better Than Words” By Seth McFarlane (2011)-What more can be said about the first album of songs by the man who brought us the sultry voice of Peter Griffin? Many people said the world didn’t need another Sinatra substitute. Anyway, this album was a true statement from a bonafide artist. Any music collection without this and his other four albums from the 2010’s isn’t worth a Ted 2 DVD.

Movie: “Avatar” (2010*)- *Yes, technically this soaring epic came out in 2009, but it’s impact has been felt throughout all of our lives these past ten years. It was one of the first movies to utilize new 3-D technology to it’s full extent. The movie made you feel like you were flying (specifically on the wings of The Great Lenopteryx, aka, The Last Shadow). Can you remember a year this past decade when you didn’t hear about all the planned sequels to Avatar and how the number of them kept changing? Two sequels back-to-back, oh now it’s three? Back to two again? James Cameron and the Avatar crew have spoken frequently about the movies to keep them alive in the press, but they’ll always be alive in our hearts. Navi forever, Unobtainium-harvesters never.

Book: “The Hunger Games: Movie Novelization” By Suzane Collins (2012)- While the 2008 novel and the subsequent 2012 film are both fine in their own right they’re both surpassed by the 2012 movie novelization of the film based on the book. From page one we know that we’re not in for a normal movie novelization as the author, Suzane Collins (no relation to the Suzanne Collins who wrote the original novels) swaps out character names and refers to them as an aunt of yours who saw the movie awhile ago. Haymitch Abernathy is now “That guy from Cheers with the wig.” The novelization is also filled with beautiful passages like, “Then arrow-lady, you know, Jenny Lawrence, shoots the handsome one with an arrow and then bread boy and arrow lady kill the handsome one. Little violent for my taste but who cares what I think?”

Television Show: “Fear the Walking Dead” (2015-Present)- While the original show from which this spun off, “The Walking Dead”, was okay, it left viewers confused because we weren’t sure how to feel about the titular walking dead. Then “Fear the Walking Dead” came along and it was made explicit to us: we were supposed to laugh at them. Thanks for the laughs and the memories!

Video Game: Super Mario Sex Party (2018)- You don’t want to spoil this game for yourself. So play this game while looking up as little information as possible. All we will say is that the gameplay involves players having to hide their identity at a sex party which is mostly done by preventing Mario from shouting, “Its-a-me Mario!” under his sex mask, Cappy.

Scam Call: “IRS” (2017-Present)-Tax laws are often needlessly complicated for the everyday person to understand, so when many of us received calls from the ‘IRS’ demanding that we pay back our outstanding debt to Uncle Sam via Target gift cards we didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. I mean, who’s to say that the government wouldn’t want Target gift cards? They have everything there.

Personalized Letter From Nana: Christmas (2012)-My brother said it was probably senility — but we like to think it’s because she loves us more — that our check was for five-hundred dollars instead of the one he got for fifty. Thanks Nana. Suck it Charlie.

Board Game: Settlers of Catan:Suburban Expansion (2015)-Having already shown the board-gaming world that the classic Catan game could be improved with expansions such as Seafarers (adding ships!), Cities and Knights (adding more cities and knights!!), and Game of Thrones Edition (with HBO add-on as a separate purchase), the makers of Catan outdid themselves by crafting an expansion that brought Catan into the future. Or more precisely, our present. Now, instead of settling uncharted territories, everything is already built and you’re just vying for a house in the best cul-de-sac. Instead of earning commodities like wood and sheep, you earn commodities like a lease on a new Toyota Sienna and a patio extension with a hot tub. Like the original Catan, you can upgrade your settlements (cul-de-sac home) to cities (McMansions).

Heathcliffe Comic: September 12, 2017: Many times these comic strips rely on the same punchlines, and they can get stale, but when Garfield knocked Odie off the table and smiled at us while eating lasagna on this day, it was like we were seeing the antics of that crazy orange cat for the first time.

Best List: “Top 10 Pretentious Albums of the 2010's” from Pitchfork (December 1, 2019): What we love about this list is that it really ticks all of our boxes for listicles: interesting topic, well-written and thought out (not a word is wasted in the entire article which is approximately 1,000 words [sorry, it was actually 1,003 words {what a goof that was}]), it’s only about one medium (music), the prose is very good and thoughtful, and they never repeat themselves. The listicle also sticks to what Pitchfork does best, which is illuminating bands most people have never heard of (like: The Decaf Lattes [indie], The Cold Brews [emo], The Americanos [country], The Breakfast Blend [light roast], and The Ex-Presso [electro/noise]) and distilling their best work into a paragraph that we can all repeat at parties to seem cool.



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